America / George Martin

1974’s Holiday was the first America album pro...

1974’s Holiday was the first America album produced by Sir George Martin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After their first self-titled album, ‘America’, for no apparent reason, released six consecutive albums with titles starting with the letter H. After the band America released their third album ‘Hat Trick’, not selling as well as its predecessor, ‘Homecoming’, they decided to hire some big names to put together their next project. Enter George Martin and Geoff Emerick, producer and recording engineer for the Beatles. The sessions were recorded at Martins studios in London and Montserrat in the Caribbean. Adding Stings and brass to the basic acoustic guitars and vocals of America, George Martin took America in a new direction. The resulting album ‘Holiday’ put the band back in the charts with the songs lonely people and Tin Man. The success brought George Martin back to produce their next album ‘Hearts’ and even more hits…Woman Tonight, Daisy Jane and a song that’s opening guitar was inspired by George Harrison’s my sweet lord…Sister Golden Hair.