Yesterday and Today Album Cover


It was the original cover shot for the Beatles album yesterday and today. But radio Dj’s were so offended that capitol recalled the album.


The original album cover from the Beatles – Yesterday and Today

In 1966, photographer Robert Whitaker brought the Beatles into his studio for a conceptual art shoot called “A somnambulant adventure”. The Beatles were dressed in white smocks and covered in pieces of meat and plastic doll parts.  The story goes that McCartney pushed the photo to be the cover, saying it was their view on the war.  When the original cover was recalled…several printed copies were sent to landfills but there were too many.  So, Capitol Records decided to paste a new cover over the old one, a picture of the fab four sitting around an open steamer trunk.  Both the original butcher cover as it became known and the pasted on cover became valuable collectors items…now selling for thousands of dollars.

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Yellow Submarine

Pepperland, Blue Meanies, Apple Bonkers and a giant Glove… Released in 1968, Yellow Submarine was an animated psychedelic trip into the music of the Beatles.  It took Director George Dunning over 11 month to  finish the project, supervising more than 200 artists and animators.  Although it was similar to his work and rumored he was involved, Artist Peter Max was not involved.  George Martin composed score…along with several Beatles songs including the title track, baby you’re a rich man, lucy in the sky, when Im 64 and many more.  The film ended with live action sequence with the beatles on screen and John announcing the Blue Meanies were spotted outside the theater.  In order to survive the attack everyone must leave the theater, singing the song All Together now.   It must’ve worked no blue meanie attacks were reported.
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