Allman Brothers – Eat a Peach


Cover of "Eat a Peach"

Cover of Eat a Peachne

In the fall of 1971, Duanne Allman died in a tragic motorcycle accident. After the passing of Duane Allman, the other members of the Allman Brothers band went their separate ways.  However, they all felt a void that needed to be filled. They found themselves calling each other, wanting to get together and jam.  Finally, the five remaining members came back together with Dickey Betts filling in the oversized shoes of Duanne. Using the three tracks completed with Duanne, some unreleased Fillmore recordings, and a side of new songs, the revised Allman Brothers band finished their fourth album, Eat a peach.  Simultaneously, it was a sad ending and a bright new beginning.You can hear more stories like this and the great music behind it at deep end


Allman Brothers at Fillmore East

In 1971, the Allman brothers quietly released a live album recorded at the fillmore east.

Stories from the Deep End

Allman Brothers Band Live

The Allman Brothers live at fillmore east turned out to be a huge selling album.  Blues, Jazz, Rock…the album had it all…including the legendary guitars of duanne allman and dickey betts.  Greg Allman’s gritty vocals, Berry Oakley’s wild bass runs and incredible free form allman brothers jamming…Statesboro blues, in memory of Elizabeth reed, One way out, Whipping Post,  The Allman Brothers captured at their very best…on stage at the fillmore.  The Allman Brothers were the last act to play the Fillmore East before it closed in 1971.  Greg Allman later recalled that the musicians were so into jamming that they didn’t realize that it was morning until the doors were open and the morning light came pouring in.

You can find more stories and music like this in the deep end