Woodstock Soundtrack Album Cover

It was a simple picture of a young couple huddled together wrapped in a blanket standing in a sea of people.

Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack ...

Woodstock: Music from the Original Soundtrack and More (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Photo on the cover of the 1970 Woodstock Soundtrack album…represented the love, care and protection of not only the event but a generation. In a 2009 interview for the New York Daily news, the featured couple said they remember nothing about the photo taken by Burk Uzzle.  Nick and Bobbi Urkaline were from the area and knew the backroads around the Woodstock festival.  They had driven their 1965 chevy station wagon within five miles and hiked the rest of the way on foot.  Their memories of the event were mostly of the rain, the lack of toilets and the body odor.   Afterwards, while at a friends house listening to the soundtrack album, nick noticed the picture on the cover…and said “hey that’s our blanket”…paused and then said…”Hey that’s us!”

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Yellow Submarine

Pepperland, Blue Meanies, Apple Bonkers and a giant Glove… Released in 1968, Yellow Submarine was an animated psychedelic trip into the music of the Beatles.  It took Director George Dunning over 11 month to  finish the project, supervising more than 200 artists and animators.  Although it was similar to his work and rumored he was involved, Artist Peter Max was not involved.  George Martin composed score…along with several Beatles songs including the title track, baby you’re a rich man, lucy in the sky, when Im 64 and many more.  The film ended with live action sequence with the beatles on screen and John announcing the Blue Meanies were spotted outside the theater.  In order to survive the attack everyone must leave the theater, singing the song All Together now.   It must’ve worked no blue meanie attacks were reported.
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Allman Brothers at Fillmore East

In 1971, the Allman brothers quietly released a live album recorded at the fillmore east.

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Allman Brothers Band Live

The Allman Brothers live at fillmore east turned out to be a huge selling album.  Blues, Jazz, Rock…the album had it all…including the legendary guitars of duanne allman and dickey betts.  Greg Allman’s gritty vocals, Berry Oakley’s wild bass runs and incredible free form allman brothers jamming…Statesboro blues, in memory of Elizabeth reed, One way out, Whipping Post,  The Allman Brothers captured at their very best…on stage at the fillmore.  The Allman Brothers were the last act to play the Fillmore East before it closed in 1971.  Greg Allman later recalled that the musicians were so into jamming that they didn’t realize that it was morning until the doors were open and the morning light came pouring in.

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