Timothy B. Schmidt

When you hear the name Timothy B Schmit, you most likely remember him as the bass player who joined the Eagles after the release of Hotel California.  You might even remember him as the voice on the eagles song, “I can’t tell you why”.   What you might not know is what he did before and after he was an eagle…


From 1969 until he joined the Eagles in 1977, Timothy B. Schmidt was a member of the band, Poco.   He replaced Randy Meisner, and yes, that was the same Randy Meisner that Schmidt replaced later on in the eagles.  Schmidt was also in demand in the studio for his unique sounding singing voice.  He has leant it to Steely Dan, America, Bob Seger, Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and you can hear him in the background of Toto’s hit “Africa”.  In addition, after the Eagles, Schmidt toured with Jimmy Buffet.  At one of the concerts, it was Schmidt who said to Buffet, “Man, these are your own Deadheads. They’re not Deadheads, though, they’re Parrotheads.”

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Pam Courson

Classic-Rock-Artist-Jim-MorrisonAlthough, he was known to always be surrounded by women, Jim Morrison had only one love in his short life. Her name was Pam Courson. She was a reclusive young California girl who left home at an early age. As an art student at Los Angeles City College, she met Jim Morrison at a club called the London Fog on Sunset strip. Throughout the remainder of morrison’s life, the two carried on an inseparable love-hate relationship.

On July 3, 1971, it was Pamela Courson who found the body of Jim Morrison dead in the bathtub of their apartment in Paris France. Although the two were never married, Courson eventually inherited Morrison’s fortune and royalties. Within a few years after Jim Morrisons death, Pam Courson fell victim to heroin and was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment. Although her parents wanted her body to be next to Morrison in France, she was buried in southern California under the name Pamela Morrison. You’ll find more stories like this…in the deep end.